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Investment Management System

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Investment Management System


Investment advisers need to be able to communicate with investors instantaneously to maximize return on stock market investments. Delay’s in the communication between advisors and investors can cause missed opportunities and possible implications for both. A large investment firm needed a tool that would seamlessly coordinate employees with their customers and, more importantly, their potential investments. Also, data tracking was required across a wide range of customers.


The client needed a Stock Notification Application that seamlessly communicated stock recommendations to customers. The application was to be both public and internally facing so needed to be very user-friendly and extremely secure, as they are documenting transaction data. The system required focus on speed of access, reliability of information, and consistency of user experience. Users need to be reached as quickly and as effective as possible on whatever device they use and whichever preferred reception method they use.


From a company who is focused on investing, the Stock Notification Application generated great returns. A web application was developed that had simple and intuitive customer and employee dashboards. Customers were able to login, create a profile, and select their preferred stocks from an up-to-the-minute list. Brokers could then log into their employee portal and see all customers and the customers’ selected stocks. If a stock becomes very active, the employees can send a mass message to all customers who have selected that they are interested in the stock and let them know which actions they should consider. These messages could be sent to the customers’ emails or SMS depending on each users’ preferences.


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