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School System Web App

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School System Web App


This solution was built for a specialized school district with the goal of automating tasks to increase tracking and data generation. The system needed to pass information between 3 different systems and integrate with a provincial regulatory system. The clients’ current web application needed to be upgraded because much of the code already written had been retired, limiting how the system could be improved/customized and therefore rendering it expensive to maintain.


The system needed to be easier to use and increase accountability in the organization. Additionally we were tasked to utilize technology that could be supported for at least 7 years and to reuse features and processes already built into the current system so that there would not be major logic changes for users. There were multi-level reporting requirements that needed to be hashed out on a very short timeline.


Because this system was built with modern technologies and best practices, it was more widely accessible to desktop and mobile applications. The redesigned user interface meant that the system was more intuitive and easier to use, as well as helping the organization to future-proof their software.


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